Save time, money and travel hassles. With delivery to your home or work, we have a huge range of automotive, appliances, audio, visual, computers, i.t, entertainment and daily needs.



Purchase Network, a corporation of companies,
accessible online to offer the public and business
community a huge range of services.

The founders of Purchase Network have spent uncountable hours
to provide a service to please their customers needs.

Purchase Network’s Online Store

The online store provided buy Purchase Network is aimed
to provide fast, easy and effortless purchase of listed items
deliverd to you home or work.

- Purchase 24 hours, 7 days a week.
- As soon as next day - 5 working days.

Purchase Network’s B2B Services

A range of specialized I.T services to help new and
current business move forward and grow.
Offering everything from
web design, marketing and management to on site computer and
network setup. Please see our B2B Services link.

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